Our Story

Our story begins with a humble burger that made its journey across the pond, and became a national obsession here in Great Britain. Simple comfort food was now a gourmet indulgence. The ingredients (bordering on exotic) could be traced back to their farms of origin, the buns (all kinds!) were fresh off the ovens. And the patties…oh, the patties…were anything but frozen.

Our founders (great foodies themselves) fell in love with this new avatar of the burger. And decided to push it a notch higher.

A new gourmet burger place was born, and we christened it IceBurg.

For us, IceBurg isn’t just about the burger (though it is). The sides, the shakes, the drinks, the ambience, the whole shebang matters. It stemmed from our desire to create a holistic gourmet experience, with wholesome food at its heart. It was our vision to create chic inviting spaces for the young to slow down, for a quick bite.

IceBurg is all that, and more.

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